How in the world has it been almost a year since my last blog post?  It has been a long time and a lot has happened, but I am ready to once again join the blogging community!  Here is a little snap shot of what I’ve been up to:

1.  I got a new job and no longer work nights!  

I was hired on full time at the organization I was working with for my MSW internship in July 2013 and I was promoted to Team Lead in September.  Pretty sweet to have that regular Monday-Friday schedule and Nick and I have the same days off for the FIRST TIME in our relationship.  We haven’t wanted to kill each other yet 🙂

2.  Nick and I went to Japan!  


It was an incredible two weeks that we wished had never ended.  Every second of the trip was full of incredibly sweet people, amazing food, and just indescribable beauty.  We spent time in Tokyo, Mt. Fuji (almost made it to the top when a typhoon rolled in…definitely a wild night and a longer story I will have to share later!), Kyoto, and Nara.  We simply cannot wait to return.

3.  I ran my first Hood to Coast and am getting ready to run my second in August!


Wow, 198 miles from Mount Hood to Seaside, OR is quite the adventure.  Very little sleep, cramped muscles, and more PB&J’s than you could ever want doesn’t SOUND very fun, but trust me, IT IS!

4.  I completed my Master’s in Public Health!


It was pretty hectic to start a new job, finish one class, complete a 200 hour internship, and study for my oral comprehensive exam (which entailed reviewing EVERYTHING we learned in the MPH program!), but we made it!  Nick and Reymie had HUGE parts in keeping me sane and pushing me through the last 6 months when I just wanted to throw in the towel and go on my merry way with my MSW.  I am still adjusting to life without homework, being able to read whatever I want on no particular timeline, and not feeling guilty when I binge on some TV show!

5.  I ran the Hippie Chick Half Marathon!

I completed the run with my fastest time so far at 1:59.  I have a couple more half marathons planned for this year and I plan to continue to improve my time.

6.  I’ve also done some other traveling including going to a Friendsgiving party in Orange County, CA, a few trips to Santa Barbara, Boston for a conference, Sonoma for one of my dearest friend since high school’s bachelorette party and then LA last weekend for her wedding!  We also went camping on the Oregon coast in January for Nick’s birthday, I spent a rowdy weekend with my gals in Packwood, WA and we went to Sasquatch Music Festival in WA.


All-in-all it has been a truly amazing year!  Throughout all of the adventures and even during the incredibly stressful time of finishing up school, I continued to work on my health and wellness by learning about new foods, making sure to eat well, and running and lifting weights!  I am looking forward to sharing my adventures in the kitchen and outside again, so stick around!  There is definitely more to come!

Xoxo – Scotti 

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