Insanity and p90x Hybrid


the-deluxe-insanity-workout_2I started Phase 2 of an Insanity and p90x Hybrid today, and boy, does it feel amazing!  I have completed both programs on their own and wanted to do something a bit different.  I am in between training for half-marathons, and to improve my speed and stamina for my next run I decided to combine the weight training I get with p90x with the high intensity cardio conditioning from Insanity.  A bonus to this decision is that I get to workout in my warm apartment instead of pounding the pavement in this chilly Portland winter!


So far, I have experienced days where I am just so sore and tired, I feel like I can hardly do the jump tucksP90X-Fitness-Guide and switch kicks Shaun T demands, but just over this short amount of time I have seen a huge difference in my ability to keep up with all of the work outs and I can feel and see my muscles getting leaner and stronger!  Progress pictures coming soon!

Here is the schedule I have been following:

Insanity and p90x Hybrid


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